Why DooFood?

Wholesome and nourishing

Tons of veggies and without MSG

No Prep. No mess.
Cook without the prep work;
everything is washed and sliced

Authentic to fusion
Something for everyone on our menu

No Microwave!
Pots and pans, not microwaves.

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What’s inside each box?

Ready-to-cook vegetables, already washed and pre-cut

Premium, prepped protein of top-notch quality

Step-by-step instructions that are straightforward and involve no chopping

A remarkably convenient approach to cooking Korean food

50% less packaging waste than other leading meal kits View Menu

Over 60+ dishes to choose from

Varieties of healthy options to choose from

Flexibility without commitment

no subscription required

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More questions?

Our meal delivery service lets you skip meal planning, grocery shopping, and ingredient prepping.

Doofood delivers step-by-step recipes and fresh, pre-portioned, prepped ingredients right to your door.

Choose from a variety of main dishes, side dishes, and Korean BBQ options. You'll receive these recipes with easy-to-follow instructions on the day of your choosing.

No subscription is required; simply order for the days you'd like.

Doofood delivers twice a week. The days will be different depending on your region.

We are the only Korean meal kit that provides prepped ingredients that is not microwave cooked. The quality of our dishes equals homemade, offering the utmost convenience in cooking. Since opening in 2017, we have served more than 300,000+ meals to families all over the USA.

We prioritize healthy eating and strive to use natural ingredients while eliminating artificial ones.

Our packaging waste is also less than 50% compared to other meal kits due to the compact packaging allowed by prepped ingredients and our unique packing system.

Average price of our dishes is $11.95 ~ $14.95 per serving, depending on the dish.

This includes tax, so there are no additional costs for you. Compared to eating in restaurants and takeouts, Doofood meals offer significant savings while providing healthier meal options.

Yes, Doofood offers a wide array of flavorful and nutritious meal kit menu options using fresh vegetables and premium protein sources.

We also do not use MSG or GMO ingredients.

Nope. No subscription is required! Only order for the days you want. With us, there will be no surprise boxes at your doorstep.

Doofood delivers nationwide in the USA, including Alaska but excluding Hawaii.

There are differences in opinion, but here are the reasons we believe MSG is not good for our health.

1. MSG cannot be obtained from natural sources. There is a misunderstanding that MSG occurs naturally in food. Natural food sources contain glutamic acid, not MSG. MSG is derived from the processing of glutamic acid.

2. MSG induces an unnatural excitatory response in neurons. Glutamic acid triggers excitatory responses in neurons. MSG, being a concentrated form, elicits an exaggerated excitatory response that surpasses the levels found in glutamic acid.

3. The well-known study associated with the "MSG is okay" narrative is the Chinese food syndrome study. This particular study focused on short-term reactions following MSG consumption, offering no information regarding the long-term health effects of MSG.

We lack sufficient information to definitively state that MSG is harmful to our well-being. However, when considering the bigger picture, we hold the belief that substances unable to be obtained from natural food sources may have adverse effects on our health.

However, when dining out, doofood team also consume MSG in our food choices. Nevertheless, we limit our consumption to occasional occasions outside of our home environment. :-)