Placing & Editing orders

Why should I use doofood?

How does Dofood's meal kit delivery service work?

Is doofood a subscription service?

What’s my weekly cutoff date & time to make changes to each upcoming order?

Is there a minimum order amount to place an order?

How do I reschedule a delivery?

How do I view my upcoming menus?

If I cancel my future order, how am I refunded?

Recipes & Ingredients

Why doofood does not use MSG?

Does doofood support a healthy lifestyle?

How much does doofood cost?

How many servings is each order?

Do I have to wash ingredients?

How long does it take to cook DOOFOOD?

How many dishes do you have?

What kitchen tools do I need to cook DOOFOOD?

Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?

Does DOOFOOD meal kit offer rice as well?

For many days will the ingredients remain fresh from the day of the receipt?

Is the receipe included in the Meal Kit?

Are DOOFOOD ingredients non-GMO?

Does any of DOOFOOD recipe include MSG?

How does DOOFOOD obtain nutritional contents of each recipes?

Does DOOFOOD offer any special type of meals?

Delivery & Shipping

How many times a week does Doofood deliver?

Where does DOOFOOD deliver to?

How do I skip a delivery?

When will my delivery arrive?

How do I track my delivery?

What if I’m not home during delivery?

How do ingrediets stay fresh during transit?

Do I have to be home to receive delivery?

Can I narrow down my delivery window?

How do I update my delivery address?

Account Info & Billing

How do I cancel my account?

How do I update my account information?

How do I update my payment information?

How do I view my delivery and charge history?

How do I update the email address or password associated with my account?

How do I unsubscribe from email announcements?

What types of payment can I use?

Gift, Credits, & Promotions

Where can I enter promo code?

Where can I enter gift card code?

How do I purchase a gift card?

Does DOOFOOD credit expire?


Who should I email with a press inquiry?

I want to work at DOOFOOD. Who can I talk to?

Who should I contact for vendor/supplier inquiry?

How do I contact customer service?

Does DOOFOOD have mobile app?