The Mission of doofood

Our mission is to make healthy Korean food as accessible as possible to everyone.

How it all started - from the founder

I'm DooJin, the founder of doofood, and I'm on a mission to make healthy Korean food accessible to everyone.

My personal journey began with a deep passion for healthy living, sparked by the loss of my father to liver cancer when I was 31. Determined to make a difference, I immersed myself in studying nutrition while working full-time for four years. Though unsure of the path ahead, I persisted in my quest for knowledge.

In 2017, it dawned on me that there were limited options for enjoying healthy and high-quality Korean food at home, especially for those not adept at cooking. Fueled by this realization, I launched doofood.

We have steadily grown from local deliveries to covering the Northeast, and now we proudly offer nationwide delivery.

My own family and I consume doofood on a daily basis. Every ingredient you receive in DooFood is the same ingredient I use to eat with my own family. It is my sincere hope that our service can help you and others lead longer and healthier lives.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, let's embrace the power of nutritious and delicious Korean cuisine.