Our mission is to put authentic Korean food on every dinner table in America.

Doofood was founded by a newlywed Korean-American after realizing most of his generation did not know how to prepare Korean food at home due to its difficulty.
Preparing a Korean meal usually involves hours of preparation that includes boiling a variety of ingredients to make a sauce, prepping a large variety of vegetables, and then marinating proteins.

So we launched a prepped Korean Meal Kit service in 2017.
We prep all ingredients ready to be cooked, so the only work left for you is to boil/stir on a pot/pan.
Doofood makes it possible for anyone to enjoy an authentic Korean meal within 5~15 minutes instead of hours.

Based in Queens, NY, we started our service in the local area only.
By 2019, we expanded to cover the Northeast and Midwest region. And in 2021, we started delivering nationwide.

Our current goal is to have every household in America try an authentic Korean meal at home at least once by making them as convenient and accessible as possible.