1. “First off, I’d like to say thank you for your services. This week was my first week with DooFood delivery and I have been absolutely impressed with (1) the selection and variety of food options (2) the timeliness of the delivery and (3) the simplicity and short preparation time of the recipes. I also appreciate the streamlined packaging as I was pleasantly surprised to be able to store all of my meals in my refrigerator/freezer with such ease (and so much space left over!) Everything tucked together nicely in very slim neat packaging- SUPER plus! I have tried numerous meal kit services including Green Chef, Purple Carrot, and Blue Apron and thus far DooFood tops them all- so, again, thank you! Last night, I choose to prepare the black bean noodle and I was blown away by how amazing it turned out!”

    Courtney Bates / Washington DC

  2. “The food is so good!! I have tried the bulgogi and the jajamyung so far. It's just like I'm back in Korea! So much better than the Korean delivery food available on seamless in Manhattan too. And now that I live in the Bronx in a food desert, there aren't any Korean options on seamless anyway. Thank you for this wonderful service! All the other food delivery services take me an hour and require lots of chopping and food prep. Everything is already clean and chopped and ready to go with Doofood. Delicious, fast, healthy Korean food at home: what a dream!!”

    Leana Divine / Bronx, NY

  3. “Easy..healthy..delicious.!! I'm going on vacation to a rental house next week. I'll bring it!”

    Jaime Kim / Douglaston, NY

  4. “Super quick and easy to cook highly recommend the sweet and sour chicken love how everything is precut and washed”

    Vivian Lu / West Hempstead, NY

  5. “First of all, thank you for being an amazing company! My husband and I absolutely love your food, in fact, we think it's so much better than most of the Korean restaurants in our area!”

    Amelia Zhang / Cambridge, MA

  6. “안녕하세요.진짜 오랜만에 맛있는 짜장면 먹었어요.다른 음식들도 모두 맛있고 감사한데 짜장면은 사실 반신반의했거든요. 그런데... 진짜 사먹는 웬만한 짜장면보다 엄청 맛있었어요! 이런걸 어디가서 먹겠어요. 넘 감사합니다.  이렇게 먹고 넘어가면 수개월 기다려야 다시 순서가 돌아올 것 같은데.. 가끔 앙콜메뉴도 해주세요~ 전 짜장면과 샤브샤브 앙콜이요! DooFood 덕분에 요즘 살맛나요~. 너무 감사합니다. 번창하세요! ”

    Kate Lee / Allston, MA