Pork belly with soy sauce (간장삼겹살)

Juicy pork belly served with savory house-made sauce along with sliced cabbage, onion, and long pepper.

12 Min


Rice recommended / Spice optional

If a thickly sliced pork belly in a tangy soy sauce sounds good to you, then you should definitely try this one. You simply add the pork belly with the pre-cut veggies along with our sauce, stir for a few minutes, then you are ready to eat!


2 gram

Ginger root

10 gram


80 gram


60 gram


1 gram

Long pepper

4 gram

Sesame Oil

170 gram

Pork belly


  • • Pan



Heat sesame oil on a pan.
Add pork belly with soy sauce and cook both sides on high heat until surfaces of the pork are slightly cooked.

Cook additional 1~2 minutes evenly on both sides on medium heat.


Add minced garlic, and 3/4 of sauce to the pan.
Optional: add dried red pepper for spicy flavor.

Stir on medium-high heat for 2~4 minutes (until pork is fully cooked).

Move pork to a separate plate.


Add vegetables and rest of the sauce to the pan.

Stir on medium-high heat for 1~3 minutes.


Add pork belly back to the pan.

Stir on medium-high heat for 1~3 minutes.