Salmon teriyaki (연어테리야키)

Norwegian salmon fillet served with sweet & savory Teriyaki sauce along with stir-fried vegetables of broccoli, king oyster mushroom, cabbage, onion, and carrot.

15 Min


Rice recommended / Not spicy

You will simply cook the salmon in a pan. Then stir-fry the pre-cut veggies, then you're ready to eat! This dish has a sweet and tangy flavor. And includes a huge amount of veggies to be enjoyed with the premium Norwegian salmon.

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40 gram


30 gram


26 gram


50 gram


30 gram

King oyster mushroom

170 gram


Not included in your delivery

Olive OIl


  • • Pan



Pat dry salmon using paper towels.

Slightly season both sides with a pinch of salt & pepper.


Heat 1 Tablespoon of olive oil on a pan.

Add salmon from step1 and heat both sides on high heat for 1 minute each.

Put a lid on the pan and heat on medium-low heat for 2.5 ~ 3 minutes.

Flip the salmon and heat on medium-low heat for 2.5~3 minutes.


Remove salmon from the pan and place on a plate.

Pour 2/3 of sauce on top of the salmon.


On a different pan, heat 1/2T of olive oil on a pan.

Add vegetables and stir on high heat for 2~4 minutes.

Add a pinch of salt & pepper and add rest of the sauce from step 3.
Stir on medium-high heat for 1~3 minutes.

Move vegetables to the plate with salmon.

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Meal Reviews

Sara, NY

Great basic staple. Perfect blend of veggies. I use the air fryer for the salmon and do veggies on the stove.

April 27 2024, 1:12 am

Catherina, NY

love this dish. lots of veggies. I wish the salmon was wild caught.

April 30 2024, 11:59 pm

Christine, MA

I love that we have this option for pescatarians!! Wish we have more fish options!

May 1 2024, 10:10 pm