Banquet noodle with beef (불고기잔치국수)

Somen noodle served with savory house-made natural sauce (MSG-free) and topped with marinated beef along with seasoned zucchini.

9 Min


No rice needed / Not spicy

This noodle dish has been eaten for special occasions such as wedding feasts and birthday parties throughout Korea in the past. In Korean, and noodles symbolize longevity in life and in a marriage.


60 gram


90 gram


100 gram

Somen noodle

4 gram

Sesame seed


  • • Pot



Boil water in a pot.
Add somen. Boil on high heat for 3~4 minutes.

Rinse under cold water in a colander.
Leave it aside for the water to drain.


Add sauce and 500mL of water (per serving) to the same pot.
Boil on high heat.

While the water is boils, heat 1/2 Tablespoon of olive oil on a pan.
Add zucchini to the pan.
Stir on high heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Move the zucchini to a plate.


Heat the same pan.
Add bulgogi for banquet noodle and stir on medium-high heat for 2~4 minutes.

Move bulgogi to the same plate.


Move the noodle to a bowl.
Add bulgogi, zucchini on top of the noodle.

Once the soup boils, pour the soup to the same bowl.

Add sesame seed on top.