Beef short rib soup (갈비탕)

Slow-cooked beef ribs in fragrant broth with Korean radish, garlic, scallion, and cellophane noodles.

40 Min


Rice needed / Not spicy

A classic Korean soup that celebrates the rich and tender beef short ribs. This hearty dish showcases slow-cooked beef ribs immersed in a fragrant broth, resulting in a comforting and satisfying culinary experience.

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1 pcs


1 gram


26 gram


50 gram

Korean radish

220 gram

Beef short rib

50 gram

Cellophane noodle

6 gram



  • • Pot



Boil 650ml (per serving) of water in a pot.

Add sauce, beef short rib, minced garlic, Korean radish.
Bring to boil on high heat.
Boil additional 30~40 minutes on medium heat.


Add scallion to the pot.

Boil 1~3 minutes on medium-high heat.


Add and beat egg on a bowl.
Move the egg to the pot a stir.

Add cellophane noodle to the pot.
Boil 30 seconds ~ 1 minute on medium-high heat.

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Meal Reviews

Gloria, WA

It was good and yummy :)

April 26 2024, 6:25 pm

Jessica, MD

The taste and quality of meat are good. Just wish that the portion was a bit bigger.

May 1 2024, 2:58 am

Alice, MA

This one was pretty good, but could have used a bit more flavor. It was a comforting dish.

May 6 2024, 4:36 pm

Kang, NJ

Easy to cook. Tastes great.

June 3 2024, 9:23 pm

Helena, VA

So much meat! Yum. Our favorite so far

June 6 2024, 8:40 pm

Leana, NY

This completely takes me back to Korea!! Love this soup so much. I'm eternally grateful to Doofood for making it so easy for us to eat Korean food at home.

June 11 2024, 8:25 pm

HanLim, DC

Great hangover food

June 19 2024, 10:14 pm