Korean spicy cold noodle (비빔냉면)

Spicy & tangy cold noodle dish served with sliced beef brisket along with seasoned cucumber and egg

8 Min


No rice needed / Spicy

A celebrated Korean dish with a rich history. Originating in the late 19th century, it was originally enjoyed as a summer delicacy by Korean royalty. Today, this cold noodle dish has become a beloved part of Korean cuisine, renowned for its refreshing combination of chewy noodles, crisp vegetables, and a tangy, spicy sauce. Experience a taste of tradition with every satisfying bite.

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1 gram

Neng myun noodle

44 gram

Korean radish

50 gram


1 pcs


60 gram

Beef brisket

12 gram

Sesame Oil


  • • 2 Pots
  • • Pan
  • • Tong
  • • Colander



Boil egg in a pot.
At the same time, heat 1/4 Tablespoons of olive oil on a pan.

Add sliced brisket.
Cook each side for 30 seconds ~ 1 minute on medium-high heat.

Move to a plate and leave it aside.


Bring water to boil in a pot.

Add noodle for Korean spicy cold and boil on high heat for 1~2 minutes while loosening it with a tong.


Move the noodle to a colander.
Rub the noodles hard few times with both hands while rinsing with cold water.


Move the noodles to a bowl.

Add sauce, cucumber, Korean radish, Dongchimi water, sesame oil, brisket, and boiled egg on top of the noodle.

Mix well using hands.

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Meal Reviews

Alice, MA

This is another favorite! Very flavorful with a bit of balanced spice, looking forward to ordering this dish again.

April 22 2024, 10:56 am

Christine, MA

A perfect menu when you are craving something spicy but not too heavy.

April 24 2024, 5:34 pm

Gloria, WA

It was good for me but my kids didn’t like it..

May 28 2024, 6:14 am

Amanda, NY

Easily my favorite doofood dish.. light and refreshing, nice and spicy and such a great texture.

June 13 2024, 2:05 am

Yoo yeon, NY

This is one of my favorite dishes. The flavor is perfect and almost to the restaurant authentic ones. However, sometimes the beef quality is not good. (When I ordered like 4 portions, always there is the bad one. So disappointing) I had thrown away many times.

June 16 2024, 11:07 pm

HanLim, DC

better than bibimmyeon

June 19 2024, 10:04 pm