Spicy Kalbi steak (매운살치살스테이크)

Savor tender beef chuck flap tail, bathed in a fiery spicy marinade, tantalizing your taste buds.

8 Min


Rice recommended / Spicy

Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of spicy kalbi steak, where tender beef chuck flap tail is lovingly marinated in a fiery blend of spices, perfectly complemented by a medley of crisp broccoli, sweet carrot, and savory onion.

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20 gram

King oyster mushroom

20 gram


20 gram


40 gram


40 gram


220 gram



  • • Pan
  • • Olive oil



Heat a pan.

Add Spicy kalbi steak.
Cook on medium-low heat for 4~5 minutes while flipping every minute or so.


Transfer the kalbi to a plate.
Heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil on a same pan.

Add vegetables.
Season with salt and pepper, and stir fry on medium heat for 4~5 minutes.

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Meal Reviews

Alice, MA

This is one of our favorite doofood menu items so far! The beef is very tasty and the portion is generous.

April 22 2024, 10:54 am

Christine, MA

This steak has a kick!

April 24 2024, 5:35 pm

Jimin, OH

not so spicy its tasty and meat is so good!

May 23 2024, 1:03 am

Jimin, OH

not so spicy its tasty and meat is so good!

May 23 2024, 1:52 am

Cassandra, IA

One of the tastier beef options on the menu.

May 23 2024, 3:39 pm

Dana, NY

This is so delicious and so easy to make.

June 7 2024, 10:59 am