Soy sauce steamed chicken (간장찜닭)

Tender chicken thigh braised in savory soy sauce served with cellophane noodles and six varieties of veggies.

14 Min


Rice recommended / Spice optional

Originated in the city of Andong, South Korea. Andong is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, and Ganjang Jjimdak is one of the iconic dishes associated with the region. It has since become popular throughout South Korea and beyond, delighting diners with its savory flavors and tender chicken.

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50 gram

Cellophane noodle

0.2 gram

Red pepper

40 gram


74 gram


22 gram


20 gram


40 gram


210 gram

Chicken thigh

10 gram



  • • Pot



Add 125ml (per serving) of water to a pot.

Add chicken thigh for soup, vegetables, minced garlic, sauce.
Optional: Add red pepper for spicy flavor. Bring to boil.

Boil additional 8~14 minutes on medium-high heat (until only small amount of water is left).


Add cellophane noodle to the pot.

Boil on medium-high heat while stirring for 1~2 minutes.

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Meal Reviews

Sara, NY

10/10 so easy and delicious.

May 6 2024, 1:11 am

Hannah, NJ

Takes very short time for about 15 min, and delicious. I like more salty dish, so put little less volume of water, and it was perfect!

May 14 2024, 8:25 pm